Understanding the Amish Dining Table

There are several very remarkable characteristics of Amish handcrafted furniture that give it that distinctive look and very high quality. There are rules of craftsmanship, design styles that have been handed down from generation to generation, methods of construction and staining that all come together to give you the distinctive dining room table of the Amish tradition.

Styles for the Edges of the Table:

Over the ages, the Amish master craftsmen have developed a range of aesthetically appealing table edge styles. One can choose from among Beveled, Chamfer, Mission, Ogee, Roundover styles of edges. The Beveled edge is made by a specialized cut to wood or glass to where the edge is cut at a downward angle. The Chamfer edge is a type of beveled cut that the angle of the cut is about 45 degrees. The cut angle is less than that of a standard bevel edge. The Mission edge style edge is that which is square and occasionally rounded at the top edge. The Ogee edge is made by cutting in a tiered patterned with the bottom tier larger than the top. The Round over edge is, as the name suggests, a smooth rounded edge.

Leg Styles for the Dining Room Tables:

What also gives the Amish dining table a very distinctive look is the kind of legs that are constructed for the table. Regular, Shaker, Round Shaker, Hoosier, Fluted and Farmer styles are just some of the kinds of table leg patterns that are on offer. Cabriole legs are a style of leg that is usually associated with the Queen Anne Style. It is a curved leg with an out curved knee and in curved ankle. Many pieces of Amish furniture also have the distinctive bun feet, which is a decorative furniture foot style that has rounded sides and a flat bottom.

Furniture Staining:

Apart from the old fashioned techniques used to make the furniture, there are other reasons why Amish made dining room furniture is so long lasting. The Amish use a special staining procedure for the finishing of their furniture that has excellent adhesion, hardness, and superior abrasion resistance compared to lacquers. This makes the surface of the furniture highly resistant to scratches, water, solvents, and household chemicals. There is also the option of getting custom staining done for the furniture that you want, so that you get exactly what you are looking for. The color of the stain can be chosen and then customized to match your other furniture your table linen or even to form a contrasting foil for the walls of the dining area or room.

For those that enjoy the antique look, Amish Direct Furniture also comes with a distinctive distressed look, which is a finishing technique that give the furniture piece the look of aging or of an antique. If you want furniture that is long lasting, classy and never goes out of style, which is also of the highest quality, then you really need look no further than Amish made furniture.